▷ CAD42 Spain launches new WEB

Connected devices that improve Construction Productivity and Occupational Safety launch a new website

CAD.42 strengthens its presence in the online world with this modern, aesthetic and attractive website. Its navigation is very simple and easy for the visitor to consult, offering solutions and products that are adapted to their needs.

This new portal has been developed under a responsive design that adapts perfectly to any device regardless of its dimensions, be it a Tablet, a computer or a mobile phone.

CAD.42 is a new technological product that has come to revolutionize the construction sector. Its commitment to innovation in the processes of optimization of control on site and the prevention of occupational hazards brings the sector closer to the digitization of construction, to Construction 4.0.

CAD 42 spain web

Objective to change the world of Productivity and Safety and Health in the Workplace

On this new website, the CAD.42 system is presented as well as all the products that make up its system that allow the geolocation and communication of machines and workers through connected smart devices. These devices collaborate in the prevention of work and increase productivity on site.

The website is made up of 3 main areas:

Technology :

Section in which the range of products for the improvement of productivity in construction and prevention of occupational risks are presented.

Health and Safety :

The user will find use cases within this area, such as utility to avoid collisions between machines and workers, equipment tracking, increased signaling, etc.

Productivity :

It delves into all the skills of the tool within a work or construction, tracking the evolution of the work in real time, planning and optimizing it to the maximum.

CAD.42 focuses mainly on the construction channel, to whom its products are directed.

The website aims to be very active and always show the main developments in the construction sector, focusing on technology applied to occupational safety and work productivity to make a safer work environment.

For more information about smart devices you can contact us at info@cad42.es