▷ The digitization of construction improves productivity on site

Digitizing construction is a real challenge, since it represents a change in company culture that, although there are construction companies that are beginning to believe in its benefits, there is still a long way to go. Unlike other sectors that are already established in this aspect where customer service, cost optimization begins to take importance and not only focuses on the product.

In fact, the latest data show that even the agricultural and fishing sectors have innovated more than construction in recent years.

The digitization of construction is increasingly demanded by professionals in the sector as it will improve customer service, help reduce costs and involve the connection between people, machines and equipment.

When we talk about digitization, we talk about transferring information to a digital format. Different softwares have collaborated in the elimination of paper and it is already common to make plans in programs such as Autocad, 3D printing, the use of BIM technology ( building Information Modeling), control tasks with specialized programs and even the use of drones. However, the digitization of construction encompasses the entire value chain of a work.

improves work productivity

The objective of digitizing a work

The objective of digitizing a work is to eliminate paper in the daily management of a work with the help of mobile phones, laptops and tablets that facilitate the work of collecting and managing data, and all in a common language.

The digitization of construction companies offers a breakthrough in performance and productivity improvement on construction sites.

Construction companies are already being forced to adopt digital measures and tools that allow managing and controlling the entire construction project for greater productivity on site.

The IoT, as well as digital tools, for example Cad42, have made it possible to modernize the construction and industrial sector adapting to new times, but not only benefits productivity but also also safety on site.

These solutions that help the digital transformation of construction also cover financial management, management of subcontractors of the work, the complete management of the project, the purchase of materials …

All the data that is collected is well structured and with them it is possible to make better decisions for the benefit of the productivity of the work and the safety of the workers.

increase digitization productivity

How CAD42 collaborates in the digitization of construction

Through the connected objects it is possible to collect data remotely by monitoring, controlling and analyzing geolocated work resources, receiving alerts in the event of dangerous situations and viewing it in 3D on the interface in real time.

Help with the planning of the work. The entire construction process is digitized and accessible to all the integral parts of the project.

Communication between members. This common platform streamlines the exchange of information between different participants of the work.

Suppress administrative work. These digital tools allow you to obtain reports quickly.

Improves resource management. Optimizing the materials and the work of the construction personnel means saving costs and time.

Data collection of the work. In real time it is possible to record data for analysis and possible corrections of the project.

Greater control of the work. Detailed and real-time monitoring of construction work execution is possible.

Increase worker safety. We can protect people and improve construction processes through a predictive hazard calculation system in real time.

Preparation of Reports.

improve productivity on construction sites

Sectors of application of digital solutions

It is not only possible to apply these digital solutions to construction, the CAD42 tool also collaborates in the digitization of processes in sectors such as industry, mining, logistics, energy or maintenance.

Digitization of construction and environment

With the implementation of digitization, construction companies not only manage to reduce costs and increase productivity, but the use of technology will accelerate communication between the different participants in the work in addition to collaborating in the reduction of paper and information exchange times, thus helping to speed up construction times while reducing environmental impact.

The traceability that allows having a digitized work allows optimizing the materials necessary for the project, thus avoiding over costs.

At CAD42 we have the perfect solution to achieve innovation in construction and increase productivity in construction. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.