▷ How to know the profitability of a construction site

Productivity of a work? It can seem unattainable at times because it is an area that involves a lot of control and order. However, it is not impossible to achieve this.

It is essential to have useful and practical digital tools such as work planning programs. Because the idea is to move forward and try new methods that make the job easier. In this way, carrying a work will be a smooth activity and not a nightmare.

Labor productivity

Types of productivity

The productivity of a work is necessary to know and understand it, since it depends to a great extent to be able to do a good job, in addition to achieving a profitable construction.

In order to talk about adequate productivity in construction there are three aspects to consider:

  • Labor.
  • Materials.
  • Machinery.

These can be considered the 3 main types of productivity in construction, since they are essential elements to consolidate a profitable construction. However, below, we are going to explain each of these aspects to better understand the concept of productivity on site.

How to increase the profitability of work

Labor productivity

It can be defined as something that refers to what is “done”. Therefore, is about evaluating what has already been built by workers. The profitability of construction depends largely on it. To obtain a high productivity of the workforce, it is necessary to have qualified personnel who can efficiently fulfill the assigned tasks.

So, in this sense, is about verifying the performance of workers. Which can be done if certain information is taken into account, for example, the hours worked and the progress of construction in that time.

Being something as simple as adding the total weekly hours, for example. In this way, it will be possible to know in a simple way if the result is positive or not. If, in addition, for this, we use digital tools in building and civil works this management will be very fast and easy.

improve work profitability

Materials productivity

In this second case, materials are essential for proper work productivity, since the final quality of the work done will depend on it. For this reason, it is necessary for to study which materials are most in line with the work. Which can reduce investment cost without sacrificing quality. In this way, a suitable balance is achieved that favors production.

Machinery productivity

Machinery is another essential point, since it facilitates and optimizes daily work. So it must be verified that qualified personnel have these elements to help them in the day-to-day construction.

Of course, that they have the standards necessary to be able to comply with the activities established in the time set and with the expected result and that the construction safety regulations are met.

profitability on site

Causes of loss of profitability

The profitability of a construction is necessary to carry out an optimal business. In this way, it is guaranteed that all the parties involved have a satisfactory result for themselves, the profitability of the construction is sought. So a good productivity on site is mandatory to anticipate the multiple risk situations. As can be unfavorable weather conditions that can spoil the schedule or planning of work. Causing delays in the established dates and possible loss of materials. Another factor that must be considered is the poor safety present during the work, which can cause work accidents, resulting in the ineffectiveness of human resources, which can also delay the work project.
Also, a common cause is a poor control of the productivity of the work, since it prevents a good job from starting and continuing.
In view of the fact that there is no proper supervision that takes care of it, reducing the quality of the construction.
Causes of loss of profitability in a work

How to increase the profitability of work

If you are concerned about the productivity of the work, you should know that it is not something impossible to improve. In fact, there are currently various methods and tools that help in this. In this way, these tools for the digitization of construction make it easy to achieve a good result in construction.

CAD42 is a digital tool that helps increase the profitability of a work that allows you to connect with construction in real time, avoids incidents such as misuse of materials, which allows to optimize them. As well as creating a good planning that facilitates designing a better action plan for all phases of construction.

Cad42, construction software, allows you to monitor the entire construction process, as well as planning construction sites. You will be able to have various options such as the works planner and the visualization of the construction phases. What will allow you to maintain control of the work, being able to contemplate possible obstacles and find solutions in time.

The potential of this tool will help you get more out of human resources, machinery and materials and optimize the work process.