▷ Main dangers and accidents on site and how to avoid them

Worldwide, the highest rate of construction site accidents occurs due to lack of prevention. Your workers are twice as likely to suffer occupational accidents. This compared to other areas, due to the risk of your work environment.

On the other hand, the economic cost in terms of man-hours is high. In fact, it affects not only the businessman, but the entire country. E this without taking into account the physical damages that the worker could suffer.

The worst thing is that the majority can be avoided following simple construction site safety measures .

Here is a brief analysis of accidents in civil construction works and the best ways to prevent them.

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The most common on-site accidents

An accident is considered to be unwanted situations that cause injury to the worker. Of these it has been found that 80% are due to errors in organization and methods. The remaining 20% is due to errors in execution.

Now, of this universe it is necessary that 95% is avoidable and 5% is fortuitous. When it is said that an accident is avoidable it is because it occurs due to the recklessness of the worker himself. This is either for not following the regulations or for not using the appropriate equipment.

Work site accident statistics 2020 - 2021

Next, we show you the statistics of accidents on site in Spain. Comparing the figures for 2020 and what is going on in 2021.

Data extracted from mites.gob.es
Physical overexertion – on the musculoskeletal system
Strike against a stationary object, worker in motion
Collision or bump against a moving object
Contact with material agent, sharp, sharp, hard
Other causes (drowning, poisoning, etc.)

The numbers of accidents in civil construction works are increasing over time. Which has an upward trend since they are only reflected until the fourth two-month period of 2021.

In the following table we show you the level of injuries of the worker:

Data extracted from mites.gob.es

In this statistic, the seriousness of the problem is reflected, since it leads to death. This without taking into account the economic and emotional consequences for the worker and his family in the case of serious accidents, as well as economic losses for the company.

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Factors that increase risk

With this we refer to those situations that can cause a accident on site . So you have:

Area without order and cleanliness

Refers to a work area where debris has been left or slippery. Or when you have the tools on the ground without any order.

All this amounts to a violation of safety measures on site and causing an accident. Like falls from slipping or bumps.

Unprotected electrical installations

The electrical risk in construction sites is very high. This is due to the tendency to leave electrical installations unprotected. This is common for being provisional, although it is still a very bad practice.

An electric shock is one of the construction site accidents most dangerous. Not only because of its direct consequences, but because it can also cause falls, blows, etc.

how to avoid accidents on site

How to avoid accidents in civil construction works

Prevention is the main way to avoid accidents on site. This implies that both the workers and the employer become aware, and all this begins by following the safety measures on construction sites.

Let’s see some of the latter in general:

Main safety measures in construction sites

These are many and are individualized according to the situation to be prevented and the type of work. However, here you will see those that are common in any situation and work.

Establish safety training programs for workers

This includes various courses and security training. At this point it is important that they be repeated annually in order to avoid being forgotten.

Likewise, these courses must be individualized according to the work performed. They should insist on the importance of individual and collective protection.

Improve communication systems

Between workers, their supervisors and even between departments. This way they will have a feedback that will allow to improve the security conditions.

This includes holding regular meetings where everyone raises their concerns. And they also propose corrections to possible deviations from the safety measures on site.

measures to avoid accidents on a construction site


When starting the work, it is essential that the workers are aware of the possible risks. In this way, they will be alert and can react appropriately to any unwanted event.


Have a adequate, easily visible and understandable signage system in all areas. The one related to electrical risk is very important.

Other important measures

Workers should be sure to check all of their tools just like work areas. This is an activity that must be done daily before starting the day. It is also essential to have an adequate ventilation system.

Make workers aware of the importance of using personal protective equipment.


It is not enough to establish and that everyone knows the safety measures on site that they must follow. Compliance with them must be ensured. This can only be achieved through periodic inspections.

In accordance with current legislation, such inspections must be carried out by personnel from public bodies. The latter are an important complement to safety measures in construction works.

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Procedures for the implementation of safety measures on site

All the measures mentioned are ineffective if not approached with proper planning. That is why they must be put into practice in an orderly manner. Among the procedures to follow, the main ones are:

  • Health and safety planning. Here is an explanation of the prevention activities to be carried out.
  • Organization of business activities. These are the actions that the company takes to prevent occupational hazards.
  • Health and safety analysis. Determine the risks in the work and the actions to be taken by the company.

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