▷ Preventive measures to avoid accidents at work, construction sector

Recommendations and measures to avoid accidents in construction

The preventive measures to avoid accidents at work in civil works are essential to guarantee the safety of workers.

For this reason, certain regulations and recommendations to avoid work accidents must be followed, aimed at eliminating or minimizing those conditions that may generate risks when carrying out the works.

These regulations are also focused on raising awareness among all those involved in the construction sector to reduce occupational accidents as much as possible and provide a safer environment in the different trades present in a civil works.

On the other hand, in recent years occupational safety systems have been developed linked to the Internet of Things (IoT) that facilitate not only connectivity between workers and machines but also the incorporation of devices that increase security.

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Cad.42 System, at the avant-garde of the Safety and Health on site

Cad.42 is a platform connected to the cloud that supervises and monitors personal protective equipment (PPE) that allows workers to geolocate for a more effective work organization.

This geolocation has a minimum margin of error, just 30 cm, indoors and outdoors. This also allows you to increase productivity and drastically reduce the risks associated with workplace accidents.

The Cad.42 system has innovative occupational safety products:

elsa.42 cad.42 epis inteligentes
ELSA42 is a bracelet-shaped device that has an SOS button incorporated , which allows the operator to send an alert, if he is in danger, through the emergency services.
It incorporates a tilt and fall detection system.
vest.42 chaleco reflectante inteligente prevencion accidentes

It is a reflective vest, and it is one of the most used personal protection equipment on construction sites. Its geolocation system allows an immediate response in the event of an accident.

In addition, it also provides information to help organize work on site.

kyd.42 cad.42

This is a device for determining physical distancing developed by Cad.42. Users are alerted by acoustic and visual signals when a movement is made too close to a machine, which will also have this device.

It is a solution that significantly improves the safety of operators who work with machines.

unifield cad.42

It is an online platform with which all the elements of the work are reproduced in a model. The security and geolocation devices are controlled from it, and the operators are represented through a BIM integration system.

In this virtual model it is possible to identify each element and each resource with high precision and in real time , this being one of the preventive measures to avoid accidents in the work more effective.

piros.42 cad.42 senalizacion inteligente

It is a system by which all objects are connected to the Unifield platform to locate various modules: protection elements, security fences, cones, machinery of all kinds, etc.

With this system it is possible to detect in real time if an operator is in the path of a tractor or an excavator, or if he suffers any type of accident.

rtk.42 cad.42

The RTK.42 system allows the management of tower cranes with continuous monitoring of the load, it is also compatible with other types of machinery for outdoor use.

The device issues both audible and visual security alerts upon detection of danger.

It has as an option the integration of a camera to be able to visualize the load and obtain voice communication.

Cad.42 system as an aid to preventive measures to avoid accidents at work

When the technological resources generated by internet connectivity are used, it is possible to maintain a more controlled supervision of all the elements that can generate risks.

The purpose is to avoid accidents at work, and by monitoring all the resources of a construction site, dangerous situations can be anticipated; in addition, it is possible to plan even better for security.

In this sense, in addition to the usual and mandatory safety measures on construction sites, when installing this type of system, the dangers are minimized in unexpected situations, and may have a much faster response speed.

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Tips to avoid accidents at work

Given that the construction sector has the highest rate of occupational accidents in Spain, it is essential to develop a preventive culture among workers and work organizers.

That is why a number of initiatives have been implemented, such as the Cad.42 system, to minimize security risks. But there are also other tips to avoid accidents at work, such as the following.

Full Planning

Prevention should be integrated into the project from the beginning. Good planning, even in those works that do not have a project, is beneficial from every point of view, since anticipates and resolves possible dangerous situations.

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Processes Control

One of the recommendations to avoid accidents at work is to know what to do at all times and how to carry out the work in the safest possible way.

Likewise, it is necessary that all operators and engineers know the procedures recommended by law.

Improve the training of all the participants of a civil work

It is not only necessary to adapt university training in this regard, but to professionalize all operators to integrate prevention into production processes. It is undoubtedly one of the most obvious recommendations to avoid work accidents.

Since the construction sector requires specialized labor and workers with different professional qualifications, this aspect should be followed more rigorously.

dispositivos evitar caidas construccion

Control over subcontractors

Large construction companies do not usually carry out the works, they subcontract to smaller ones, which in turn subcontract to even smaller ones.

The price differences in subcontractors are manifested, among other things, in the decrease in the quality of the workers’ working conditions, where health and safety regulations are not respected.

Greater control over working conditions is mandatory, in order to guarantee operator safety.

evitar accidentes en el trabajo

Avoid falls at different levels

Among the tips to avoid accidents at work is to place fall arrest nets, handrails, supports, platforms, and check them periodically. They are collective protection measures.

Footwear must be non-slip, with a rubber sole that can adhere to the surface. If scaffolding is used, safety regulations must be implemented, and make use of safety harnesses and anchors.

Signage for Prevention of Occupational Risks

Correct marking of the various slopes and construction phases is essential as a safety measure to inform all operators of holes and other eventualities on the job site.