▷ Productivity in Construction and its advantages

As a result of the changes caused by the covid-19 pandemic, every production process has been forced to modify the procedures carried out by each sector, such as innovative construction products, thus achieving a conversion that has allowed them to remain in the competitive environment to which they belong.

Both medium-sized and large and small companies have modified the productive factors, incorporating technologies that allow the optimization of processes.

The construction sector does not escape from this, both for what it has had to reinvent itself, as in the offers, as in the execution of the works, thus differentiating itself from the other companies of the competition.

advantages of improving productivity in construction

Automation in construction processes to improve Productivity

Our country has always been at the forefront of construction processes, thanks to the fact that it has construction companies that have known how to adapt well to current changes, taking appropriate actions on how to improve productivity in construction without dying in the attempt.

Most of the innovative changes within the construction production process have been carried out in civil works, in which processes have been automated in such a way that they have allowed the development of great works of excellent quality and in the shortest time.

An example of this are the tunnel boring machines, which have favored the construction and reinforcement of different tunnels throughout the country, using innovative construction products.

Automation in construction processes

The construction of maritime works has also benefited from the automation of processes, such as the elaboration of concrete boxes through the use of floating factories, which is an innovative mechanism for all factors productive sectors of the sector, thus competing with large countries such as Japan, for example.

In fact, one of the best ways to improve productivity in construction has been the creation of mechanisms for the prefabrication of these drawers in various materials, such as fiberglass that was installed at the cruise ship dock located in Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura.

Within the field of works construction, another of the innovative construction products are structures made of steel and concrete , whose process has been industrialized in such a way that has facilitated the creation of techniques to make solid and easy-to-install civil engineering construction elements.

how to increase productivity in construction

What to do to increase productivity in construction?

To improve productivity within the construction sector it is not enough just to have innovative construction products, but to implement a series of important actions, which, together, raise productivity to quite considerable levels, which we will talk about below.

Steps to Improve Construction Productivity

Early planning with providers

It is essential to plan and coordinate well the work to be carried out by the suppliers that are part of the building value chain from the beginning, since is a very effective mechanism to prevent some errors in the construction sector or take advantage of the factors that facilitate increased productivity on site.

For example, it is necessary to plan with the architects and suppliers involved in the process, in order to ensure that the architectural design elements used adapt very well to the materials used in the building.

improve work effectiveness

Coordination of logistics processes from the beginning

The process of coordinating logistics processes from the beginning of the work is essential to guarantee its success, since, properly planning with the suppliers of innovative construction products, the delivery dates as it progresses the work, as well as the storage of these and the person responsible for it, avoid future problems such as theft, delays, among others.

Standardize all processes

Another important factor when it comes to improving productivity in the construction sector is the standardization of processes, as this translates into greater effectiveness and efficiency, considerably reducing delays.

improve productivity on construction sites

Change some processes that cannot be measured

The best mechanism to know if you are increasing productivity in a work is to measure the results obtained in each phase, establishing the respective measurement and analysis standards.

If any process that cannot be measured occurs for any reason, it is necessary to change or redesign them so that other simple measurement elements are found through which productivity can be measured.

In this sense, it is essential that all performance indicators form part of a production chain, being accurate, measurable and easy to interpret, in order to avoid obtaining unreliable results.

All stages must be adequately fulfilled

In the construction sector, proper compliance with each stage is essential, thus avoiding going back to fix or repair mistakes made. Correct application of concrete, for example, avoids having to go back on site to demolish and remake the structure.

productivity in construction works

Ensuring internal oversight

The supervision of the fulfillment of all the stages in a work is a work that must be carried out only by trusted personnel, so it is a responsibility that should not be delegated to third parties. It is necessary to ensure the proper and effective use of innovative construction products.

Opt for the use of precast

Another of the most effective ways to improve construction production processes is to use prefabricated materials and elements , which are assembled directly at the site where the work is carried out.

Promote continuous improvement

It is almost impossible to prevent errors from occurring in a work, so it is essential to learn from them frequently, for the benefit of continuous improvement, since this increases productivity in the construction sector.

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