▷ Work accidents occur during the first three hours of the day

The figures for occupational accidents during 2020 have not ceased to impact, especially surprising have been the data on mortality at work.

In 2020, 708 workers died on the job, going to or coming home. Of these, 75 were self-employed and 633 were salaried.

What makes this figure more striking is the lower work activity that was suffered due to the pandemic, since March 2020 many non-essential sectors were paralyzed due to confinement, in addition more than 700,000 workers were included in ERTES.

workers killed at work

Workers between 45 and 60 years old suffered almost half of the deaths at work

People between the ages of 45 and 60 were almost hit hardest by workplace accidents in 2020.

Occupational risk prevention measures must be adapted to workers not only taking into account their job position but also their age. Young people tend to have better vision, hearing or strength than an older person, but, nevertheless, the experience that develops in the workplace allows you to anticipate problems that may arise.

According to data from the Asepeyo Occupational Accident Observatory, more than half of workplace accidents occur during the first three hours of the day and, specifically, are concentrated in the second hour.

The days with the highest number of workplace accidents fall on workers with three years of experience or less and are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with 57.2% of claims.

Traffic accidents account for almost 14% of the accident rate.

sectors with more work accidents

Sectors with the highest probability of suffering accidents at work

The National Institute for Safety and Health at Work in its study “Prioritization of Economic Activities, according to Total and Serious-Mortal Accident Rate Adjusted by the Affiliated Population“, has identified the sectors with the highest probability of suffering from a job accessor with sick leave.

With this analysis, criteria are obtained for early detection of the most vulnerable groups in order to design effective preventive strategies and programs in the field of occupational risk prevention, as well as allocate greater resources to prevent occupational accidents.

With these data it is clear that action in the appropriate sectors and specific people means savings in the effects and costs on the worker.

Sectors most likely to suffer accidents at work

Collectives according to accidents of working hours

The groups with the highest accident rate depending on the severity of the accident are:

  • Agriculture, livestock, hunting and related activities.
  • Manufacture of metal products.
  • Ground transportation.
  • Specialized construction activities.
  • Construction of buildings.

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